Wednesday 27 July 2016

At last a page..

I recently had surgery and while the operation itself was straightforward (keyhole) the anaesthetic really knocked me for six. I must have had some sort of reaction as I was really ill for about a week and feeling pretty grim for another 2 weeks. During that time I did nothing, no art at all. it felt very strange to be doing nothing. I had packed a bag of art stuff to have next to the bed, but none of it got touched. 

I have been up and about and pretty much back to normal now for a week, but I have struggled to find my mojo/inspiration/motivation.. I have been taking supplies around the house to wherever I was sat, but then I have done nothing. 

I really needed to get on with a journal page in Miriam's journal, so I had a serious word with myself and made a start.. 

The bottom layers are all PaperArtsy Fresco paint in browns and neutrals. 

Next I added PaperArtsy Infusions, sprinkled onto areas of Satin glaze. 

I then added stamping still keeping with the browns and turquoise scheme. The stamps are all PaperArtsy Urban Snapshots. I also sketched a hand and arm, then whited this out. Once i had my blank shape I could start to add pinks and browns to shade the skin. 

All this was done over about 3 weeks, so apologies for lack of details regarding colours. I didn't make notes on them. 

Using just a regular pencil I sketched in the details of the hand. 

Now to add the butterflies, these were sketched onto smooth white card and cut out. 

Now to add colour. I started with Prima watercolours. 

Then I refined and blended with Prisma colour pencils. 

and finally added some texture and highlights. The texture is Crayola Slick Stix and Distress Crayons through small stencils. 

The butterflies were glued in place .. 

shadows added under the butterflies and legs added. 

and finally the quote was printed out and glued in. 

I especially like the green butterfly, that one turned out the best. 

Now I just need to crack on and catch up with all the other pages and projects that I should have been doing. 

Darcy x


  1. The page is even more gorgeous in real life.... I love it.... the texture and depth is fabulous

  2. Stunning pages, the detail on the hand is fabulous x

  3. Stunning work Darcy even if it took you ages x

  4. This looks amazing, Darcy, that hand is wonderful,

    Lucy x

  5. Hoping that your mojo has returned, certainly looks like it! Great pages. Xx

  6. So glad you are better! The green butterfly is gorgeous but how did you do the legs? Are they painted? Sure look like 3D to me. Just beautiful.

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better!!! Your page is fabulous!!! (I like the green butterfly the best also)

  8. This page is fabulous. It's tough when you just loose your oomph I know, but sometimes we need a bit of a break.

    This is all wonderful stuff.

  9. Ooo - sorry to hear about your yukky experience - that is sooo not good. I am glad you are starting to come back out of it now. :-)
    This is an awesome piece and I love the butterflies. So glad you are coaxing that Mojo out of hiding.

    Mega hugz

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  10. Darcy
    This is beautiful art, I cannot explain but it reached deep within me, maybe it is the way the hand is reaching out.
    To create this when you have been dealing with poor health, Bravo to you!
    Here's to easier days ahead.

  11. Hi Darcy,
    I hope you are feeling better now, and that the surgery has been a success.
    Loving this page, just fabulous!!!!
    Take care of you.
    Coco xx