Monday 26 September 2016

A Seth Recap

So now you have seen all the samples that I made for the Seth Event I can show you what I actually made during the event. 

We started with a large canvas board, and added 2 colours. 

After more colours and some paint transfers it morphed into this. 

We also worked on a smaller board and 3 tiny pieces. 

These went through several changes too. 

I love it at this stage. 

The smaller bits had lots of layers too. 

We had a fabulous buffet lunch, it was a nice time to catch up and chat with people and for everyone to go shopping. I had laid my samples out for people to see. 

 Next we added stencilling. 

and the smaller board got the stencil treatment too. 

 We added stamping , more stencilling and die cuts, and the smaller boards were glued to the larger canvas. 

This is how it looked at the end of the day. 

I worked on it a bit more at home and this is how it looks now. 

I love that Seth signed my canvas for me. 

During the day Seth wanted his left over aint adding to his shirt, so I obliged and look how cool it turned out. 

 He is so lovely. 

So that was day 1, on day 2 we did it all again, this time with a folder and pages. 

Mine started like this. 

Went through this stage. 

on to this stage.. 

and then to this, doesn't look much, but just wait for the doodling. 

Love it now..

 As you can see my pages are still blank, not had chance to do those yet. 

 Both days were just fantastic, and I love this final shot from Saturday with everyone being silly. 

Darcy x


  1. what a great recap - just a few short weeks ago but so vivid in the memory!

  2. A great look back, your art looks amazing! Wish I could have gone on Sunday too. xx

  3. It was such a wonderful day. Great to see your gorgeous canvas & all your other fantastic Seth Apter projects.

  4. Such fabulous layers, especially loved your big hair girl sample..inspired! Ruth x