Sunday, 4 September 2016

Journal swap

Time for another page in Miriam's journal, as you know we are swapping our journals back and forth, taking turns to work in each one. 

This time Miriam asked me to do a page of things that i love.. Well there are so many lol but i narrowed the choices down to 7 things. 

The colour red
French (well any languages or text really, just love alphabets and words)

So a weird combination, now how to get them all on a page. 

I began with two old colours, I have several discontinued paints that I am tyiing to use up, just to free up space, so i use them when I can. 

Jade and Ice Blue, sponged on. 

Seth Apter French text stamped in Garden Patina Archival ink. This is becoming my fave background stamp. 

I then sketched out a pile of books and a cupcake. I began to fill them in using paper piecing. All papers used are old bits of painted and embosssed papers. Don't you just love using up old scraps. 

For the edges of the books where you would see the paper, I used actual old book paper, it has a lovely creamy colour. The lines were added using a Stabilo fineliner. 

Here are all the books in place, they still need some shading. 

The cupcake is done in the same way. 

For my love of text and languages I have added some Jofy alpha stamps. The reason I chose French is that I am currently doing a refresher course in French.

On the other half of the page I sketched out my giraffe. 

For the paint/art element I added this paintbrush stamp from EA03

I then added the music element using tiny musical notes down the centre of the page. 

Now to add some paint, Nougat, Caramel, Toffee, Chocolate Pudding, French roast. 

More paint, more blending. 

 Here it is once all the paint had  been added, note I brought in the red element by adding red paint drops off the brush. 

I then refined and blended the giraffe using Prisma pencils. 

Here is the finished page. 

Darcy x


  1. This is such a gorgeous page! Great to see it in real life yesterday.

  2. I agree with Kirsten, it is so much more in the flesh, the giraffe is just adorable.

  3. Inspirational idea with the books, such fab dimension and as a non artist something I would find achievable x

  4. Wow, wow, wow - just stunning - still amazed at the difference those prima pencils made to your giraffe, looks like its a photo after you've added the detail. I love all your progress pictures on your blog, they really give the viewer a sense of your journey from start to end - thank you. Rachelx

  5. Haha, so much fun, talented lady! Xx

  6. The page was totally stubbing.... pleased I could show it to people yeaterday

    1. This should be stunning not

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