Monday 19 September 2016

Miss. Jem

Meet Miss Jem, she is a curly girl. She is a collaboration between the fabulous PaperArtsy paints and Seth Apters dies and stamps. 

Of course I started with a loose face sketch. 

Then I started to block in the base colours of the face using Rose, haystack, Chalk, Blush, Irish Cream. these are my go to colours for fair skin tones. 

Refining and smoothing out, and adding Coral and Cherry Red for the lips. 

Now to start the hair, I knew most would be covered up, but there still needs to be a base there to peep through.  I brayered Smurf, China, Winter Green...

then added Zucchini and Chalk.

Over this I added the spotty stamp from Seth apter, using Cornflower Archival ink. How fab is this I am seriously in love with this spotty hair, bit sad that it will be covered up... but on we go..

Next I sorted out lots of scraps of painted and gelli printed papers from previous projects. 

on some I stamped circles, all from Seth Apter's ranges. 

other pieces were used to die cut more of Seth's circles from the following dies.. 
Robo Ring
Center of Drip Drop
Coffee Rings
Splatter Proof
Ring Around
Centre of Take Flight
Centre of Pocket Watch

Then I played around with the placement. 

Once they were stuck down I needed to make a mask to cover them so I could work on the background. I brayered with Vanilla, Banana, Coral and White. I then stamped with Seth's bubble wrap stamp in Pale Ochre Archival, the French Text in Orange Blossom and The stars in Cornflower. 

more work on the face..

and the face is finished.. 

The extra little stars tie in nicely. 

All the circles are outlined with a black pen and highlighted with white. 

The outer edge looked a little unfinished so I added the spikey bits from the splatter proof die. 

Here she is all finished . Miss. Jem. 

Darcy x


  1. Miss Jem is super Darcy....I love her! I saw this at the workshop and she's even more gorgeous in real ife!

  2. Miss Jem is super Darcy....I love her! I saw this at the workshop and she's even more gorgeous in real ife!

  3. WOW! What a transformation from start to finish! I liked the spotty hair too, but the end result is FABU! It's amazing how the highlights in the eyes completely change everything.

  4. Oh wow! I'm in circle heaven, Darcy. I love love love Miss Jem xxx

  5. A fabulous work of art. Love her, she is doodleicious! Xx

  6. Wow Darcy. I love the way this developed. Your process photos are brilliant. You have become addicted to Seth's dies methinks, but the outcome is truly masterful. I love the way you have taken his techniques and made them your own. I bet he would love to see this!

    1. All my Seth samples were done for the weekend event we had Chris, thats why there is quite a lot of them lol Seth saw them while he was there.