Sunday, 23 October 2016

Tiny Teabag Sketches

As I had amassed a bagful of tea bags, I decided to do some tiny animal sketches. They are so quick and easy to do. All I used were Derwent charcoal pencils and a little gesso. 

Charcoal is very smudgey and as such very forgiving, you don't need to be very neat or accurate.. 

I mounted each onto a piece of neutral/beige card. 

and wrote the sentiment on a piece of old book page..( I use the centre text of pages for collage but I keep the plain margins from book pages to write sentiments or stamp text.. )

I used a fountain pen for this but you could stamp your text. 

Then I mounted each animal and sentiment onto a card blank, 

They really don't need anything else, I guess this is my way of doing CAS, something I find impossible in paint. 

I really like them, they are sweet, and with a simple 'hello' greeting they can be used for any occasion. 


  1. They're gorgeous Darcy especially the sweet giraffe xx

  2. They are fabulous, I love them.

  3. OMGoodness - these are amazing :-D xxxxx

  4. Wow, this is such an unusual idea, never seen it before - I love it, the cards are super cute. How will you give those little animals away now, you must have given them names and everything? Rachel

  5. Darcy, these are just wonderful!

  6. Just love your desire to sketch. They are lovely Darcy. Xx

  7. Love those animals and the end result of the cards!
    Do you use a particular brand of teabags? When I use tea for staining, I never have great luck with being able to use the teabags.

  8. Wow Darcy! These are fabulous - what great idea too! Chrisx

  9. These are incredible. If only I could draw. Your art always makes me smile, and now I want to drink some tea.