Friday 5 November 2010

Cranberry and Pomegranate Cupcakes.

1 plain greek yoghurt
2 pots SR flour
1.5 pots of sugar
0.5 pot of oil
2 eggs
1tspn baking powder
3 oz cranberries
2 pomegranates

Empty the yoghurt into a bowl, rinse out the pot and use it to measure the other ingredients.

Add in the flour,baking powder,sugar and cranberries.

Beat the eggs and oil.

squeeze the juice out of 1 pomegranate, add to the eggs and oil

Add the wet ingredients to the dry.

It will look alarming purple till you mix it.

Pop into cases and bake gas mark 4 for 15 mins.

Mix 2.5 oz of butter with 5 oz icing sugar, add half the juice from the 2nd pomegrante.

Pipe onto the cakes and top with some of the pmegrante fruit.


  1. These look very tasty Dracy, how's your OH doing?

  2. arggh I have blinded myslef making your bloody atc

    think giraffes on ice

    and hugely toxic clear f=glaze between cornea snad contact lens...

    but i htinkit may be the most beautifult hing I have ever made...

    cannot see to type - gonna post the damned thing onthe blog - and say it's number 12 - claim it if you like it... it is a bit weird...