Thursday 11 November 2010

hellloooooo, long time no see eh? Momentous day today as Ian has been to the physio for the first time, they made him stand up and walk...only 5 steps, but still it is a start. He now has exercises to do every 4 hours, and he is back there on Monday.

Meet my new little friend. Christmas monkey, he came in a box of tea bags, and joins my other little monkey. I think new monkey was a little wary, as original monkey has a scary looking lip piercing, but i am sure they will be friends in no time. I am thinking now there are 2 of them they really should have proper names.

This is truly the highlight of the week, the wonderful, talented and quite barmy Doone is having a giveaway on her blog. This is to celebrate her first 50 followers, for each person she is making a bespoke ATC. How generous is that!

I asked for an ATC incorporating her 'NoFear ' face and a giraffe. I was meant to be number 4, but i asked to be number 12 instead lol also there had to be no yellow, as yellow is a bad and wrong colour hahaha

So here it is, all tactile, and shiny and just basically amazing, so much so i thought it deserved to be in a frame. So I removed the glass and attached the ATC using silicone glue, hopefully it will hold it ok. It is now stood on my chest of drawers.

A while ago I bought this bakers twine, it looks great on cards and layouts. I got mine from Andrea, She comes down to our monthly crop, is a lovely person and has just opened her own little webshop, selling fab buttons,twine and ribbons. Go and check her out.

In a previous post i made a blue and copper journal page for a challenge on Ky's blog. I was very lucky to win and this is the fab little haul she sent to me. Ky has a weekly challenge, go on over and check out this weeks.

Next in the post came a packet of ATC backgrounds from the gorgeous and hugely inspiring Dede. she also sent a little wallet made out of BG, my fave paper brand. How fab are they all!

This is my self portrait for Lesson 1 of the free Willowing course, see button link ^^^
this is the first time i have done a close up face, and the first time I have used my neocolor crayons, they are awesome, and I would highly recommend them.

This is from lesson 2, the first double spread in a board book.

This is lesson 3, the cover of the board book and a tag.


  1. They look fab Darcy & great stash haul, I had a PG Chimp but the small person nabbed it & I've spent the last 2 years trying (& failing)to smuggle him back into my craft room. Really glad your OH is on the mend. BTW hows the cheesecake experiment going?

  2. What a fun place you have here, darcy!

  3. Hi Darcy, love monkey, may I ask which supermarket and box size of teabags you bought to get it, I always thought they had to be sent for x

  4. Love your blog Darcy and the boardbook rocks!!

  5. YAY THE aRTIST ID BACK - GORGEOUS work, love your book cover in particular and love what you did with the ATC

  6. Lots of goodies to see today. Love the ATC, it's gorgeous and loving your pages in the board book ;-)
    Anne xx

  7. Glad to hear Ian has had some physio - hope improvement is quick for him, thanks for twine mention! Mary

  8. What an amazing, positive post! Love everything - love your goodies, love your Willowing stuff and love those monkeys - especially the peirced one :D

  9. Thanks for the reply Darcy, I managed to get one in asda for about £2.50 I had a coupon for £1.50 off, hope your fella is feeling better x