Thursday 27 January 2011

Did you join in with the watercolour class yesterday..if not where were you?

We had such a laugh, and everyone did some great work. You can still have a go, get your copy of the Iris outline from Dede's blog, and then watch the videos on how to colour it.

Video part 1.

Video part 2.

Here is my effort, with the first wash.

Some shading and outlining.

and the finished piece. Lots of mistakes, but too bad for a first ever watercolour.


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to watch the videos and try it myself. Thanks Darcy!
    Julia Bryan, Virginia, USA

  2. Thats beautiful - I love watercolours.

  3. wow that is stunning, are you sure it is your first? :O)

  4. You did wonderfully!! Wasnt the class fun!! I cant wait till she does another one!! Great job on your iris!!


  5. You did such an amazing job, Darcy. I'm incredibly impressed.

    Isn't it awesome how the shading and outlining changes the whole look?

    I'll try to check in on that class if I can. Gorgeous (just like you!)

  6. Check you...watercolour painting

  7. Beautiful ...really beautiful