Wednesday 26 January 2011

Over the past 4 weeks I have been working through a free workshop from The Strathmore Workshops.

This first workshop of the year was put together by Pam Carriker, with 4 easy to follow videos.

First week we had to collage some images onto our page.

During the second week, we added some shading and colour.

Week 3 saw pattern and colour added to the background.

Week 4 involved doodling,outlining,more shading and all finishing touches.

So this is my finished page.

check out the Strathmore site and sign up, they have another free workshop starting in march.


  1. Wow seeing it grow beneath your pen

  2. Darcy - this is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I especially enjoyed seeing the progression of your page.

  3. Beautiful Darcy, just beautiful, you choose amazing images

  4. Fabulous images, super gorgeous. I'm thinking now maybe my box had cutlery in it, big enough for pencils!((Lyn))

  5. wow its amazing to see it go from stage to stage and get more and more fabulous! wtg :0)

  6. *sigh* i hate being late for a party...