Friday 18 February 2011

52 Pages week 7

I knew my mate Kirsty had done a fab little tutorial on using promarkers for backgrounds, so I thought I would use that this week. See it HERE.

I wanted my background to look like a worn old map, so I used browns and greens... i did the back exactly the same.

then I grunged the edges further with orange and brown distress ink.

I glued on some collage images, torn from a watch catalogue, of a map, a watch and some ancient pilots. I blended the edges in a little with acrylic paint.

Added my text..., and blended the edges of that.

and finally added my journalling on the back.


  1. love yoru style babe,

    and yesterday i bumped into a friend I haven't seen for years and she asked after Luke (ES) who is 20 in a couple of months - she said - Oh you don't look old enough - HA - I Feel Old Enough!!!!

    and yes a new set of knees would be lovely...


  2. Oh yes please, some smoother fabric and a redistribution of the filling would be lovely! Nice page, i'd say map mision accomplished!

  3. LOL @ Julia. Great page Darcy! love it, I quite like the idea of being reupholstered :)

  4. You are really sticking to this plan aren't you...well done..I have been rubbish this year and dropped the 365 Art Journal calendar....

    Have left you a lovely blog award over at my place....xx

  5. Loved Kirsty's tutorial, what great ideas. Is that alcohol blending solution she's using? The stuff you use with alcohol inks? I guess that makes sense. That's opened up a whole new world of possibiities with Promarkers for me. Great work Darcy, keep it coming.