Wednesday 16 February 2011

Ian bought me a fabby set of spray ink for my birthday, set #2. I already got set#1 for xmas. So I decided I needed a little sample book so I can see at a glance which ones to use. I started by randomly spraying inks onto sheets of paper inside a cardboard box. Once dry i cut two pieces and glued them to chipboard to make covers.

Then I added a really long concertina of white card inside.

Next I used a scalloped punch to punch a circle out of white cartridge paper, one for each colour of ink.. I put each circle in turn into the box and sprayed with one colour.

I glued each circle onto a page of the concertina, adding the name of the ink underneath.

Next I decorated the front cover with a little collage.

and finally doodled around the inked circles and around the names.

small and cute, only about 2.5inches square, but does the job....and is now sitting on my desk so I can pick it up and flick thru to find which ink to use.


  1. Love this ...soooooo much more fun than doing just a sheet covered in samples of the colours ...although a lot more work it I feel.

  2. cuteness.
    Where's mine?

  3. Oh yea, and pym ii - I've never seen it in a store, order it from the internet... but i am telling you, it's good sealant.

  4. Brilliant use of a concertina book! It would lift my spirits just to riffle through it. :)

  5. How cool is that...well done...I only have one set but may treat myself to another soon....x