Saturday 12 February 2011

Just before Christmas I decided to make myself a new hairband to wear on Christmas Day.
I had seen one on this blog... that I knew would be perfect so I gave it a go. It turned out really sweet, even if i did get superglue on the bedsheets in the process....It was around 2am and I was sat in bed.

Excuse my model, she's having a bad hair day.

I used a length of zipper, some cream tape and some checked ribbon. made the roses and glued them onto an elastic hairband. Then added some beads.

I also put in a few stitches underneath as i am paranoid things will fall apart.

BTW the elastic hairbands I used are from Asda, they come in a pack of 3 and have some odd feeling rubbery grip stuff on one side to stop they sliding out of your hair.

I liked it so much when it was my Kirsty's birthday, I decided to make one for her too.

Also made her a tag..

and a card...

sweet huh?


  1. Yes, it Did turn out damn sweet. Where the heck is mine?
    Yes, i am late posting my crush page... *sigh*
    Sheeeeeeit. I missed your birthday.

    Happy birthday.

  2. Beautiful, love them all - might have to have a go at the headband :)


  3. Gorgeous Darcy..I don't do the band ones...a. They keep sliding of my head and b. I can never get my hair to sit right once it's on...much prefer an Alice band type one..

    Have a great weekend!
    Kirsti x

  4. They are lovely. Will have to look for those headbands as I struggle keeping them on my head!

  5. oh darcy these are adorable...and thanks for the heads up about the headbands at asda...i have slippery hair so i'll look out for them! :)

  6. Love the hairband, it ticks the cute, cool & vintagey boxes

  7. I am the luckiest girl alive - thank you so much.
    Im redirecting my blog traffic to see it for them selves xx

  8. Simply gorgeous Darcy! Is my birthday hairband still in the post to me? !HAHA! xxx