Monday 14 February 2011

52 Pages 2011

Week 7. Mileage

Definition=the aggregate number of miles traveled over in a given time.
How is the mileage doing on your personal clock? Mine just turned over,I am a whole year older. Do you feel your age? Are you in need of a service? How did you imagine your life would be at this age?


  1. So long as you get regular servicing the mileage is a doddle....

  2. Er...not like this...that's for sure!!!! Happy Valentines day Darcy! X

  3. Now thats food for thought.
    Physically I feel almost 10 years older when I look at other's of nearly 64 around me but mentally I feel so much younger ...most of the time ...I want to be with 30's - 40's and talk about what they do and admire hunky men. I would never have imagined that, by now, I would be a widow of 10 years or that I would be in Scotland living together with DD and partner (wife), 2 fostered little boys and 18 cats . What did I imagine .... not sure ...a life in S.E england ...spending a retirement with a demanding yet ill husband who loved me more than I desereved ..on our own ...never having the TV controls ....having finally got rid of the offspring ...and with 3 cats.
    Do I need a service ...oh hell yes ....will I ...doubt it . xx

  4. Have you had a birthday? Sorry if I missed this - belated many happy returns. And hope they ARE happy. Do I like my age? No! Do I feel it? No, not yet - for which I am grateful. What did I expect to be doing? I don't think I had any concrete ideas. Probably beavering away happily in a research library, living on my own, and living/working abroad. What did I get? (Should that be 'choose')? None of the above!