Friday 18 March 2011

52 Pages wk 11

Page 11 Replicate.

As I was already playing with my promarkers, I used them to colour the front and back. Just random stripes using the broad nib. I then added some white from a brilliance pad, and also soft soft blue. I just used a dry baby wipe to dab the ink on.

I took this bit of cardstock that had been thru a cuttlebug folder, cut out the word friend, and coloured it with everything in sight, none of which I liked, so I went over the whole lot with gold,copper and blue rubbing wax.

I stuck to this easel clipped from a magazine, stamped some zettiology wings and printed out my text.

I chose the word 'friend' because my mum is that, she is great to talk to. she 'gets me'
We are the same but different.

The angel wings will only be relevant if you read the hidden text in the pocket at the back...and no she is still very much alive.

The back uses the same promarkers and inks and colours, the text is printed out and coloured with promarkers. I also used some music sheet paper, as my Mums first love is music and she plays the organ/piano.

There is also a pocket, which holds some extra text.

Finally here are all my 11 pages so far. They are no longer in any kind of order as they fell on the floor!!! Like how dare they get all mixed up Pfft!


  1. Loving are an amazing artist...

  2. shit. i think i did mine wrong.
    i totally didn't want to do my mom, so i ... shit.
    may redo mine.
    can me and you please
    what rubbing wax is - because I love what you did to the thing you didn't like.
    do you know what i dig?
    i dig that you get that your mom's first love is music.

  3. hahahah

    I number mine after I droped the first five and spent ages working out the 'order' then realised

    It Does Not Matter

    Only it does Doesn't it?



  4. This is a great page! I love seeing them all out on the table together!

  5. isn't it time you did a rehecipe Dharcy?

  6. god. i finally did mine.
    i seem to have copycat issues....
    I need some good ideas of my own.


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  8. Too many spelling mistakes I wasn't concentrating. All I wanted to say was ... that's a great sentiment for you mum :)