Friday 4 March 2011

52 pages

week 9 . Follow.

My friend DEDE, is incredibly generous, and always gives away a little prize on her ustream shows. often it is a set of starter ATC's, these are ATC sized bits of card that she has coloured and collaged, ready for you to add the finishing touches to. A while ago i won this set, along with a bit of coordinating patterned paper.

So firstly I painted my page with a matching colour scheme.

I stencilled some arrows onto the background, then i glued on one of the ATC starters, and an arrow cut from the paper.

Finally adding this text, as this is just what Dede does...

I follow her ustream shows, and watch whenever I can, they are lots of fun and i always learn something.


  1. Hi Darcy these are absoloutely gorgeous I love your choice in colours - thanks for the link as well, will have a look at the U stream videos later - I love her style!

  2. you lead too but this is a lovely follow up,


  3. I love to see how your page grows to it ..the colours are so strong.

  4. Love what you have done with the starters!

  5. This is fab Darcy, I had no idea you were into ATCs. I love Dede's artwork but I couldn't find her videos. Maybe she will post some links for us?