Friday 25 March 2011

a little cake for the weekend...

So, you remember last year I rose to the challenge of making 52 cakes...and succeeded I might add. Some of the recipes are on the recipes button ^^^ up there.

Well my beautiful friend Nicole took up the baton, and this year she is making 52 cakes. Go visit her fantastic blog, her recipes are there, as is a whole heap of other really cool stuff.

When you follow that link you will see she made a Coconut and Lime Layer cake, I thought it looked LUSH, and wondered how it would transfer to cupcake size.

I altered the recipe somewhat...go see her blog for her recipe for the large layer cake.

Here is what I used...

8 oz SR flour
1teaspoon baking powder
5 oz coconut
5 oz icing sugar
2 eggs
3 limes
5 fl oz oil
3 tablespoons single cream
1teaspoon vanilla essence/extract

Mix the flour,baking powder,icing sugar,coconut zest of 3 limes in bowl

In a jug measure out the oil,eggs,vanilla and the juice of just TWO of the limes, beat this together

then add to the dry ingredients.

add the single cream till you have a dropping consistency

Pop into cases and bake at Gas mark 5 for 12-15 mins or until firm but springy to touch.

While they are baking, take a sheet of parchment paper and lay it over a baking tray.

In a glass bowl over a pan containing a little boiling water, melt around 3 oz of dark chocolate

Drizzle the chocolate into squares shapes, making sure the lines intersect. do the same number of squares as you have made cakes...

they do not need to be accurate or neat, quite the opposite in fact.

pop the tray into the fridge.


3 oz butter
6 oz icing sugar
6oz cream cheese
juice of 1 remaining lime
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

cream the butter and sugar, add the lime vanilla and cream cheese and mix well. Pop into the fridge for 15 mins....

while that is chilling, take a good couple of handfuls of coconut and spread them on a baking tray, pop in the oven on a medium heat for 5-10 mins, until just starting to go golden

While you are frosting, take the chocolate from the fridge and put in the freezer, just for 10 mins, it will peel off the paper better if you do this.

spread the cream cheese onto each cupcake, and throw on the toasted coconut.

Now get your tray of chocolate, the easiest way to remove it from the paper is to bend the paper underneath and peel away


pop a square onto each cupcake, and voila you are done.

Now with a large layer cake...go see Nicoles, you have a layer of frosting in the middle, you dont have that with these cupcakes so they are quite dense...not dry, just dense, so you WILL need a cuppa tea with them...

but hey you were gonna make a cuppa anyway, right?


  1. Love the changes you made and I think the addition of chocolate squiggles is genius.

    We loved how dense the cake was but it did mean that we kept our pieces quite small and enjoyed them with a cup of tea or glass of milk.

  2. i love it, it looks so delish

  3. They look yummy! Those chocolate squiggles finish them off nicely. X

  4. I have one word, that word is YUM! (I want one:D)