Wednesday 23 March 2011

Salt Dough Dolly ...part two

ok, so here is the dressing up bit.....she wasn't any more cooperative for this section than she had been before.

first some undies, as her zombie nekkidness was making me feel weird.

Wrap around a bit of black felt, sew in place and add straps.

Knicks....she started off with a huuuuuge pair of Bridget Jone's knickers, but I felt sorry for her so i cut them down. Even zombies need pulling pants right?

Next I took the net bag left over from some oranges and stitched it around her legs, THIS WAS NOT EASY, damn netty,holey things were slip sliding all over town.

Ripped shirt, well first I made a non ripped shirt, put her in it and then went mad on it, slashy,slashy,rippy,rippy.

I basically laid her on the fabric and drew round her and stitched it up the sides, then inserted some sleeves.

again with the slashy,rippy.

oh how we larrrfed putting this shirt on...Not... dead arms do not want to be poked into teeny sleeves.

Circle of black velvet, with some red net stitched to the underside...then all ripped and paint daubed on it.. Gathering stitch around the waist holds it onto her.

Boots, well you would expect these to be, what? you mean you think these might have been tricky. YOU ARE FLIPPIN RIGHT! 3 bits of leather and lots of swearing, accompanied by some plastic cut from a water bottle and coloured with a silver pen...which then promptly came off all over my hands.

these are superglued onto her feet, they ain't never coming off.

Remember all the stabby holes i put in her head? well I filled each one with glue and stuffed in some wool tops. Clearly this will help stop her brains falling out. I added some punched out leaves. she looks like she has been dragged thru a hedge backwards...she probably has.

so here she is all finished, and looking pretty damn gorgeous! yes?

close ups...

and the Scary Mary shot! haha you wouldn't want to wake up to that now would you? oh maybe some of you already have lol


  1. She is amazing- no way would I have the patience to do something like this! And her boobs may have got squished but she has a fabulous cleavage! x

  2. I love everything you have done, especially pulling pants for necrophiliacs -

    see I like that you might never again do salt dough - but she is a true beauty,

    I love that you take extreme and make it attractive.

    Carmen is so going to want you to make her one....

    see this is how it starts you make one then everyone wants one ..and these girls just wanna be made....

  3. this is flipping AMAZING!!!!

  4. Oh wow! That turned out pretty cool. hahaha... Love her

  5. Absolutely fan-zombie-tastic :D

  6. I love this sooooo much! Adored the step by step dressing up photos. :)

  7. Absolutely fantastic I love this so much - she is great!

  8. Totally brilliant! Loved your part 1 tutorial too, and your clothes are amazing - love those little boots - and just look at her zombie cleavage too!