Thursday 26 May 2011

A while ago at our art group, we started making money boxes/piggy banks..We started with this sizzix die need 2 pieces cut from chipboard.

The two pieces fold up and the tabs tuck in to make a box.

Then decorate however you wish, not forgetting to cut a slot in the top for your money. This is how far I got on the day, but wasn't happy with it.So it sat on my desk at home for a while until I got around to altering it...

I decided it was just too square and needed to have bits added...specifically a teapot spout and handle. I cut 2 handles and 2 spouts from chipboard.

Placed the together with several layers of foam between to make them 3d

Then I wrapped the in lots of layers of tissue paper and white glue...papier mache style. this filled in the gaps and rounded the edges. I then covered the in paper that matched the box, added paints and inks to distress and grubby them up.

Then I had the fun of glueing them to the box, if I had thought about this process at the very start I could have wired them through the box..but as it was the box was already glued shut at this point...So I just glued them to the outside and held the in far they have stayed on.

The bottom of the box has lace around it., and the feet are wooden cotton reels covered in paper and ink.

I took the original zippered rose off the top and added paper flowers with a brad.

The front still looked a little plain so I added these images and text.

Voila! all money in there as yet.


  1. Wow. I just found this blog via Marissa @Behind Studio Doors. I'm sure glad I did. Your work is fabulous. I'm definitely a follower now.

    Thanks for providing the 'step-by-step' for acheiving the effects.

  2. that is so cool looking!

  3. Oh I love this LOADS I will have to find a template or sizzix dealer So much to spend my few pennies on. I like the idea of an AIWL one very cool thanks again for sharing

    love Dawn xx

  4. That page is gorgeous, I thought it was an image transfer, it blends so nicely on there and love your teapot box, great instructions, thanks for sharing!

  5. Love this Darcy, I'm now collecting old cotton reels to decorate too.