Friday 27 May 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 21. Mountain.

I coloured the page, back and front with letraset aqua markers, this is how it looked to start...

and after they were blended with a damp brush.

I printed out this image of a beautiful mountain, I decided I didn't want it on white card stock, so I printed it again on Safmat.

I stamped tiny leaves around the edge of the front, and stuck the safmat image on top.

My title is 'Dreams stay with you, like a lover's voice across a mountainside...stay alive.' These are lyrics from a Big Country song.

On the back, I again stamped the tiny leaves but also added some trees across the page.

Added the final part of the title.

and my journalling.

I realize much of what I put on my backgrounds gets covered up, you might ask why bother putting it there at all..why the effort.Well not everything is meant to be seen all the time, having those elements is part of the process, it is how the page evolves....much like life.

that they are no longer seen is not the point, the fact that they are still there and that they have contributed.. is what matters.


  1. Gorgeous use of those lyrics :D And I agree with your sentiment on the unseen still being part of life ;D XXX
    Her's my offering

  2. This is a beautiful page everything from the shape to the colour through to the journalling.

  3. Very emotive page Darcy... beautiful!
    JoZarty x

  4. Oh How lovely. It's a way off until we get to mountains at Wild & precious but it's so nice to see you work I can't help my self ;0)

    Re your msg yesterday thank you. I would love a template if you e-mail me( I will give addy thank you so much your a sweet heart.

    Love Dawn xx

  5. god, i forgot about that song... i love that freakin song.
    that sort of perked up my night.

    yesh. i love big country.

  6. Love Big Country! Love your stuff too!

  7. I thought I'd share that I did this prompt and as I completed my page I took pictures of almost each step incase you want to see. The final piece will be posted later today.