Wednesday 22 June 2011

At last I can show you the PIF I made for woyww 104. I started by cutting up these leather samples that I had. Making a back,front,spine and flap...

Then using double thread I stitched the pieces together...first I marked where all the holes would need to be, and then using a pokey tool I made all the holes...It was a heck of a lot of measuring, marking,poking and finally stitching...

but it was so worth it, I think the stitching turned out great...

Next I glued matching cardstock to the inside to add a little strength..

Then I cut up lots of heavy cartridge paper, approx 130gsm...I wanted it to be heavy enough to take paint if need be. I fold some in half, some into 3, cut angled flaps on some going in different directions, just to make it interesting. Then i began stitching them to the leather spine. Again i measured,marked and poked holes first.

I added an eyelet and leather thong to the front leather flap. Adding beads to the ends.

As you can see the tie wraps completely around the journal 3 times..

Here you can see how full the book is with pages..

and how some of them fold out..

As this PIF was part of the woyww anniversary, I had to add the acronym 'WOYWW' somewhere on the project for it to qualify..So on the first page I drew out a design, and included the letters.

Then I filled all the spaces in using zentangling..

This was all then sent off to TERTIA , a lovely lady living in South Africa. I cannot tell you how many times I checked the tracking number online to see if it had arrived lol Today it finally did and i have had a lovely email from Tertia thanking me...makes it all worthwhile.


  1. VERY nice job, I love it! lucky Tertia!

  2. Love this! What a great book!

  3. I want that journal and an ATG

    and my desk needs a new person on it......

    also I have done my pages but haven't had chance to photo and blog them - that's a job for later...


  4. I,m not surprised Tertia was thrilled, who wouldn't be!! Love the zentangle title page. Must give that a go :D XXX

  5. oh Darcy, that is stunning, you are one talented chick :D. Tertia is a lucky girl indeed :)

  6. Darcy this is incredible! You put so much work into it and it looks a treat, what a lucky person to be after you in the list.