Monday 11 July 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 28. Pledge

Definition=a serious or formal promise

A pledge of friendship, fidelity,love,charitable contribution…what pledges have you made and did you stick to them? How important are promises to you? Have people let you down with broken promises?


  1. Oooow.....I feel a "rummage" coming on. I'm sure I wrote one out many years ago to my hubby...will be interesting to see how much I stuck too :D XXX

  2. Darcy these words are fabulous, I read your post recently asking how people felt about there word pages and whether we had favourites or not as the case may be there are 20 that I love and 4 that I would do differently time over again which I think is a good sign? Funnily enough the ones I don't like as much have been other people's favourites. As you can see I'm behind by two words plus this weeks - currently working on illuminate! Loving the word pledge, you seem to be in synch with my life these words just seem to fit with where I currently am at the time!

  3. Pledge,

    see I am sick - all I can think of it that polish stuff...


    can't swallow..must spit.

    will do pledge when I am less warped...