Wednesday 13 July 2011


Some more of my MIMM journal. I am having so much fun playing with this little book.

Amy, you definately have to do it, you will love it.

So here is the inside of the front cover..

page 5 which is about skin...

page 6 and 7 which are all about what is going on inside my head.

page 8  and 9 which are  all about my heart and love..

pages 10 is all about my hands..

and page 11 which is all about my feet..

page 12 is about me..

and page 13 is about my house..

Again I have left spaces on all the pages to go back and fill in the relevent answers.

I have almost finished the book, but there are still 20 tags to make which will slip into the pockets between the pages.


  1. Oow! Love it Love it love it!!!!! :D XXX

  2. it is ab fab,

    have horrid tonsillitis and can't take time off - so hardly doing anything at the moment except working and sleeping...


  3. Great little book - I particularly love the skulls and hearts pages! Really pleasing use of colour :)

  4. Looks like you're really having fun here and that's cool Dxx

  5. super cute book, love the class details.