Monday 25 July 2011

The Icelandic Page.

I started this double spread by colouring the gessoed pages using neocolours,then I drew Celtic symbols, and printed off some Celtic images which I coloured.

Next I added lots of Celtic stamping, some white acrylic and more neocolours. I repeated this a couple of times to achieve the layers. I then dripped water from the top of each page, s that it would run through all the colours.

I added even more white acrylic.

Next I wanted to draw a tree, I worried about this no end and went on a tree research trip to the local cemetary...twice in fact...and took over 100 photos of the trees...and squirrels.

Anyway....after much squirrel distraction I finally sat down to draw the tree, I have no idea why I worried, it wasn't that difficult at all.  I drew it onto cartridge paper then cut it out and glued it into the journal.                                                                                                                    
Then I coloured it, first with neocolurs and then with prisma pencils.

For the other page sketched out my hero of the Saga, I hadn't thought this would be difficult, but it was, and so after losing patience with it I painted over it with gesso. That page will get done some other time. So I carried on coulouring the tree side.. 

My journalling for this page came after I watched a programme on the Icelandic Sagas, and I decided to write the journalling in this style.
Now as I really quite liked the tree I didn't want to just glue the printed sheet down. I did think of Safmat, but that would have still left straight edges, and printing on tissue paper just annoys the hell out of me. So I decided to copy the text out by hand. now this was never going to be neat. I do not do calligraphy. I have the pens, I have the ink...but that's as far as it goes.

So I never aimed for it to be neat, instead I made it deliberately messy. I wrote out the text and added lots of ink splodges, more stamping, more white acrylic,more neocolours...and finally some rings of paint around the edges. 

Darcy x.


  1. OMG!!!! positively drooling over this page...could look at it forever!!! Want to stroke it!!! Stunning! :D XXX

  2. oh wow! i love your tree with the writing over it...its all perfect!!

  3. This is fantastic, so much to look at in the final page, just yummy :)

  4. WOW your journal pages are stunning !!!!! love the tree page your drawing is amazing xxx

  5. Oh just a wee minute whilst I scoop my dropped jaw up off the floor ! you are not happy ?????? oh my g this is just fab, your tree is stunning, loving the texture you achieved in the colouring, all the layers and even the drunken art on the left, ohhh yes I am loving both these pages even if you are not xxx

  6. Love this Darcy, amazing page.


  7. These are beautiful pages!
    I'm Scottish and love the Celtic theme. Share your secrets. This is me have a stop-by if you want