Wednesday 6 July 2011


I am working away in my little Me in my MoleskinE class book, and loving it. The pages are just big enough to have a good old play and get all inky and messy...but not too big that they take forever or that I lose interest.

These are my first four pages...
the first is about my name, there are spaces left for the answers to be filled in..

the second page is about the clothes I wear usually...

the third page is about wearing clothes for special occasions

and the fourth page is bout my hair

this is turning out to be a fun little book to make, if you fancy doing it too see the link to Kirsty's page in my previous post.


  1. Very cute pages! Looks like a fun project.

  2. I love your pages. They are definitely reflective of you!

  3. Fabulous idea for a book :D LURVE the hair page ha! XXX

  4. Gorgeous pages. You really have me tempted with that class now - it's unusual to get all the materials supplied in a class. Hmm.

    Love the page with the cats head and the one showing your hairstyle the most :D

  5. these pages are gorgeous !!!!

  6. Fab pages Darcy, really great.

  7. ah, I wanna mix paint AND do the journal, AND do the 52 pages, and ...dah dah dah but instead I sorted out the comment thing you mentioned....

    when you comment next - there is a purple thing saying something like 'forget me' - or it might be 'remember me' if you click on the purple words they will disappear and for some reason that means it will indeed remember you the next time, the default is not to store your information ...

    it's a kind magic ( sung to Queen tune)


  8. yay big guitar riff - its a kinda madjik - roar more guitar riff

    and indeedby skrypakage on saturday


  9. Looks so do-able and great fun! Love the page about your hair especially ..

  10. Oh Bugger it is Sunday and I was Out with friends last night so no skypage -I have huge housework stuff that cannot be left any longer ( including plastering the guest room), will catch up in the week???

  11. i sort of want to join that class.
    i keep stalking back to see if it is magically free.
    i might maybe just pay and do it.
    i'm going to stalk back and look again.