Monday 4 July 2011

When I grow up I want to be a paint mixererrrr!

Last night I decided to mix up some new paints. I have a journal class to do with Kirsty Wiseman and I quite fancied some shimmery new paints to use in it.Of course no money to buy any, so I looked at my supplies..

As luck would have it, I also knew of a great little video by my friend across cyber space...Paula Phillips

So I gathered my ingredients..
Artist grade acrylic paints..matte medium...gloss medium...pearl ex powders..some Ikea wooden coffee stirrers..and some little jars.

How cute are those little jars, they only hold 28g which is 1 ounce, but for trying out new paints they are perfect. They are free too, if you happen to have a liking for cream teas as I do, then when you are given your little pot of jam just take it home with you.

Then I watched Paula's video... <--- click="" for="" p="" video="">So I mixed up 9 colours. See the shimmer in them..

Don't ask me what I put in each one, I haven't a clue. I just played. they are one offs never to be recreated hahaha.

I then thought i would give them names....this was a 3am idea obviously..

Here they are all painted out, they are fairly translucent.

It is very difficult to show you the shimmer.

As I said to start with these are for a little journal i am doing, first job was to decorate the front of the book.  

I brushed on the 'Daisy Duck Egg' added some splashes of 'Lily the Pink Lime' and then using the rim of a coffee mug I added the rings in 'Oddly Oddly Conker'. Here is a close up, hopefully if you open the photo you will be able to see the shimmer.                                                                                                            

Finally the title of the book is added...


  1. Total scrumptiousness!!!
    Now I want to play too :))

  2. AWESOME colours Darcy! And, doesn't it feel so good to know you made them without spending anymore monies....WAHOO!!!

  3. Those colours are beautiful ....what fun you must have had creating them...just like artists of bygone days....sort

  4. They're gorgeous! Hmmmm, I know I have some tubes of acrylic paint buried somewhere...

  5. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    I was hoping that you'd blog about how you made paint.

    Love your cover. Love your paint. Off to watch the video.

  6. I feel the sudden urge to eat tiny pots of jam :)

    Do you ever play along with Michelle Ward's "crusades"? because this month's challenge is to mix new paints and give them names

  7. Clever little them...:-)

  8. I have to tell you this Darcy, your blog brings me such inspiration, you are such a beautiful person which does shine through when you share posts like this. I hope we can meet up before I leave the area at the beginning of September, not sure whether I will be travelling up north again for a while although my sons have got into Teeside to do their degree courses so my husband will be driving up every six weeks or so, dont think my weak body can hold up to that so we must meet in person before I go. Message me on ravelry so we can sort something out. Loving your work :) Helen x

  9. Fabulous idea with the jars, I always mix too much and waste paint. A resealable jar...doh!
    Love the simplicity of this journal cover :D XXX

  10. Oooh such fun! Love Lily the pink lime. Both the name and the colour :D I love cream teas but my ever expanding waistline doesn't... however am sure the man in the market was selling trays of teeny tiny jams the other day... hmmm.

  11. Another super idea ;0) ha fun with the paints ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  12. Fab idea Darcy, I may have to give that a go myself.

  13. Pop tart poppy, that is going to be the name of my next dog,

    off for a cream tea instead of class now - make that seven cream teas so I can mix seven paints...


  14. Okay, that is AWESOME!!! I love the way the colors came out and your project, too cool!

  15. *darts eyes all around for color police and decides it's safe*
    I hate yellow.

    thank you for hating yellow.

  16. Brilliant! Never mind a career as a paint mixer - you could be the person who names them all! I love your suggestions ...

  17. Another brilliant idea - I love your posts always so helpful thank you for sharing with us xx