Thursday 4 August 2011

Recipe Book

I scribble recipes down, in a huge book in my kitchen...which is great, only nobody else can read them, and I tend to only put the ingredients and not the method. Well I don't need to, they are my recipes and I know what I am doing...right?  But my son keeps saying that he wants my recipes written down properly, so he has them for the future. So I set about making a book in which to write up 40 of y favourites for him.

I started with these super cheap books from the supermarket. they are only £2.50 each. Have a fairly stiff cover and 80 pages.

They are available in plain, lined and graph. There is also a pocket in the back cover ,an elastic that slips over the front cover to keep it closed.

The paper is nice quality, great for sketching, and will take a little paint. However i wanted to make this book durable, so I glued the pages together in pairs. Taking it from 80 pages down to 40.

 I then very lightly gessoed each page and coloured it with neocolours and white acrylic.

next, I cut more of the same graph pages from a second book, I doodled on them and glued them down over the painted pages.

I then used the cricut to cut out some cooking motifs to decorate the pages.

Because the pages are now double thickness and gessoed and painted, the book is super chunky.

In fact it is 2 inches chunky.

I love it, the painted pages make it look old and a bit battered. I mean it's no fun leafing through a new cookery books, but give me an old one, with family favourites in it and i am in heaven.

Hopefully this will stay with my son for a long time and get well used. Well that's if I get into gear and actually write the recipes in it lol


  1. I am always promising to write down recipes ...get as far as one or two then forget ... and then loose the book. Great idea to make it look well used and sort of vintage ...just get the recipes down now xx

  2. It looks great and is a wonderful idea!

  3. That's AWESOME Darcy! Hope he appreciates
    Write YOUR favourite recipes & then get him to write the rest himself.....

  4. This is gorgeous love it, I've been trying to do something similar but it keeps falling by the way side - maybe it's time to pick it up again!

  5. This is wicked Darcy!!! I know what you mean about new cookery books. They should come with bits af the recipe already spilled on each page(oow, scratch n sniff cook books!!) :D XXX

  6. Hiya Darcy

    I had saved all your entries to read when I had a spare afternoon because I didnt want to miss anything, as usual I was not disappointed. Having read through and admired 15 entries today I am completely inspired, definitely going to try out your Tipsy Cup Cakes and this recipe journal book too, its fab and just completely brilliant. Loving your work .......

    ..... apologies for not answering on ravelry yet, my inbox is jammed full over there and I am aiming to go through them over the weekend whilst the kids are out.

    Moving in 29 days, must come see you before then

    (((( hugs ))))

    thanks for being so inspiring

    Helen xx

  7. I love these notebooks. I keep one on my bedside table for all kinds of quick notes, and the plain one as a sketchbook. And for the price, you really can't go wrong. I think I will do what you do and glue some pages together for a new art journal when I'm ready to start another one.