Monday 1 August 2011

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Page 31. Compromise

Definition= a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions.

Have you had to compromise, make concessions or back down…How did you deal with this? Are you happy with the outcome? Do you employ tactics, compromise now means you get your own way another time?


  1. Nice question :). I'm not of the compromise-now-so-I-win-later school. More of the how-can-both-get-our-needs-met here? type. I find that when both people are respectful and honest about their differences/what they each want and need, then just hearing the other point of view changes something for each of them and a way forward is found. Looks like compromise is something you're exploring?

  2. Hmmm... I seem to have spent all my life "compromising"...not sure now if it was always for the best... The word compromise can often disguise "put up with" or "Make do with". :S XXX

  3. I agree with both comments above. If only my compromise was more like Alexa and less Gina's. I always seem to be worse off, if it's with my family, outsiders. However, hubby and I have the best compromise we share and each make concessions. And as long as this works in my marriage what happens with others will have to be 'put up with' or 'make do with'

    May be one day I will journal about this lol and decide that with others, compromise works both ways or not at all! Dxx