Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blank canvas

anything you can paint on can be a canvas right....of course it can.

Take for instance this washing powder box...

I made a loop from really stiff wire and poked the ends through the back of the box, twisting it and taping it down inside.

I glued the box lid shut and then covered the box with masking tape. Wrapped one way and then a second coat the opposite way.

making sure the wire loop at the back stays free.

Finally i added some thick gesso, leaving it deliberately rough. of course you could put it on smoothly if you prefer.

You can hang it up or have it free standing..
now just need to think of what to paint on it...any ideas???


  1. Oh...this is good! REAL good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. More butterflies with hidden words underneath that was a real goody and would make a great piece to stay and linger at!

  3. I'm so down with this. I paint on corn meal boxes, shoe box lids, you name it. Buying canvases is (in my opinion) unnecessary most of the time.

    The one thing I do 'splurge' for is MDF as it's a great, light wight substrate. But at five bucks for a 4 foot by 2 foot piece it's quite a good deal. I get at least six to eight projects out of each sheet.

    I need to remember your hanger trick. Brilliant.

  4. I have just looked back through your blog. I am in awe I love your work x x

  5. I love this technique and it's great recycling too! Just like Tim Coffey showed us on YouTube. I love your extra dimension by putting masking tape on first... gives a great starting point :)

  6. Fantastic, you're so inventive :-) ove the pages below with the wonderful butterfly and beautiful tag
    Anne x

  7. Great idea - I'm all for a bit of recycling and this looks good :) TFS