Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Circle Journal

It's that time again, another circle journal done and sent off to the next person. This time I was working in JACKIES book. So after searching for things she light like and deciding on colours that would appeal, I came up with a Tiger....I just didn't know how to get it onto the page, and ended up staring at a blank page for a couple weeks..

Eventually I got started.. I used water based inks to block in areas and shapes..

I  then added stencilling and some modelling paste for texture...

Next I blocked in the stronger colours for the tiger...

I finished the tiger..

I then drew some tropical leaves onto patterned paper, then painted over them, and spray acrylic ink over them. I stuck part f the leaves down, and left the ends free..

I then wrote the quote onto black card and sanded the edges to fluff them up..

the finished page..

this is the poem I wrote out on the back of the accompanying tag..


  1. Wow! William Blake! another of my fav poets. Stunning "ART" Darcy :D XXX

  2. This is wonderful, Darcy! I love how you just kept working the layers and the words at the end are great. Amazing!

  3. Darcy, love all the layering you did, and those leaves are just incedible the way they come off the page. Fantastic!

  4. Another masterpiece Darcy!!!-love how you showed the layout/blocking from step to step- It really makes you feel like the tiger was stalking us until he cleared the Jungle brush! GREAT JOB!!

  5. Beautiful spread, Darcy! She'll love your circle journal gift!! :)


  6. Darcy, this is amazing! I love the Tiger and the jungle fronds and the poem! Terrific!
    Deb M

  7. Wow it's even better seeing the creative process. Can't wait to see this in person in July!

  8. I cannot wait to actually see this page. It beautiful. Thank you Darcy. x