Monday 27 February 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

week 9..already!!

We set sail into our third month, and  over half of you are still on board lol

I am actually amazed that so many of you have stayed this far, and we even get new people signing up each week. In the past few days we were joined by Abby and Glenys who are both doing a great job catching up on past weeks.

So where shall we go this week..hmmm

it is a landlocked country, known for its diplomacy and its chocolate...

of course it is...


A small plea from some members, blogger seems to have changed the way you have to type a code in order to post a comment. They have now introduced 2 long and very hard to read words that need typing. It does take up a lot of time, and I know a few members are having difficulties, and having to retype the security words several times.

I understand that many of you have these security words in order to avoid spam, but if any of you would consider turning them off perhaps just Fri-Sun, it would really help the other members get around all the blogs.   I do try and get around to everybody, but with so many to see, and so many security codes to type in, I do sometimes run out of time. xxx


  1. oooowwwww Chocolate.......:D
    I keep telling people I had a code come up in arabic, but I don't think they believe me :S XXX

  2. I hate those security things and I never choose to put them on my site but they randomly appear and when I looked for more info blogger is randomly inserting them for 24 hrs on some peoples blogs (esp is there is a higher than usual rate of traffic..........). So if you see one on mine I apologise it is not there from my choosing and if anyone knows how to permanently rid my blog of them please advise! mmmm chocolate :)

  3. Thanks for mentioning this security change, Darcy. Where I live, in the Scottish Highlands, our broadband is extremely slow and it takes me ages to leave a comment on anyone's blog never mind the two very difficult words that have to be deciphered and typed!

    Janet xx

  4. Switzerland? I'd say skiing again! This week is a schoolbreak here and it feels like half of the country just left for a week of Winter-fun! :)

    Thanks for asking about the word-verification!
    If you really don't want to leave your blog 'open' to any messages you might consider moderating every reply?
    I don't have the word-verification but I do moderate all replies on messages older than two weeks. Most spam comes in on older messages!
    Thanks! :)

  5. I'm excited for SWITZERLAND, the easyjet mag going on holiday was filled with all things swis.

    i also hate word verification, i'm pretty sure i've switched mine off but apologies if it is on.

    also with the new 2 word one often i write a comment and my ipod won't let me type more than 1 of the words.

    going to spend tomorrow lunch time blog hopping cuba.

  6. I hate those words also--but when I upgraded to the new blog interface I can't find the place to turn off the darn things. If you know how to do it, please let me know!

  7. I'd noticed this new change, thought it was me as I had to keep using my glasses, glad to read I'm not alone in trying to decypher them!

    Switzy, well now that's thrown a spanner in the works, I had a whole plan if we ever came here which so doesn't go with what I had in mind for the loved up Jayne this week! hmmm.. might just have to eat a bit more choccie and think on! Mx

  8. excellent idea for the security codes is to tick the disabled sign box if you see one (its sometimes there on some of the blogs) then its audible (reads you the words)

    Switzerland cant wait, always wanted to go there :)

    Helen xx

  9. oooh...I've been to Switzerland !! I'm running behind but not giving up, trying very hard to catch up !! xx

  10. I went to Switzerland once - for about two minutes. I was in a coach in Germany and the driver got in the wrong lane at the traffic lights and ended up crossing a bridge into Switzerland. The border guards let us turn around and leave again!

  11. I hate those things checking to see if I'm a robot. Hope we can all delete them. if they slip back onto mine at any time please will someone tell me?
    Switzerland, well, never been but I loved Heidi when I was a child. the reason you have about half of we originals left is because we are having some fun and it's different. Caz

  12. Aloha Darcy...i hope my blog doesn't have those annoying verification notices...if so, I'll eliminate them. Love Switzerland...been to Geneva where the Roses were so abundant and fragrant. Mahalo.

  13. Great country - will get to posting Cuba - and whole heartedly agree on the word varification - I gave up in the end its soul destroying especially for me when the letter start off blurred anyway! x

  14. I know this might sound a bit dumb...but when you are ready to post the link to your postcard...where to you post it? Here on this page or on another different Switzerland page?
    sorry to be so 'blonde' about this!!

    1. Glenys, every Friday I make a blog post with my card in it and a mister Linky widget that you can link into, the same as you did last Friday. I usually have it posted by about 8 am uk time each Friday.