Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Mail..

I just wanted to share with you something that I received in the mail about a week ago. A while back I left a comment on Gina's blog after she announced a give away. I never expected to win, but it's always nice to leave a comment anyway. Well imagine my suprise to get an email from her saying I had won. I was so happy, I never win anything lol

So this is what came, and OMG how amazing is this...

firstly there was a lil envelope stuffed with postage stamps....the geek in me had a grand time sorting them into countries and putting them in lil labelled baggies haha

as if that wasn't enough i then opened this...

Isn't it just stunning! The covers are hard, like a childrens board book maybe? they are joined by a strip of leather. As you can see the cover has a design painted on it and also some dimensional paste or spackle on the edge.

Here you can see the covers and the spine, showing the stitching..

the pages inside have all the edges roughed up making them appear really thick and vintage.

many of the pages have antique type stains on them, done with maybe ink or even coffee?

I am just totally thrilled with it, and as yet have no idea what I am going to use it for. I don't want to ruin it lol I will be keeping it for something special, and once filled it will live in the bowl on my coffee table ..


  1. gorgeous book!!! lucky you!

  2. Just divine ... Lucky you! You deserve the treat beautiful!

  3. Awesome book Darcdy...sooo jealous :D XXX

  4. Congrats Darcy and I agree a totally lush little book to play with yum! Dawn xx

  5. I love this kind of post!! I had to smile about your stamp sorting, I think I should do that every week when I'm sifting through the pile, I invariably find the country I'm looking for about 2 weeks after we've done it!
    Love the book, what an amazing feel it has.

  6. Wonderful mail indeed!!!! That book is AMAZING. I love books that have the binding stitches show on their spines.
    You can come sort stamps at my house any time. They are mostly unorganized!!!

  7. WOW! What a gorgeous book...definitely for something special...maybe a new journal??? Congrats on your GREAT WIN!!