Friday 13 April 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

week 15 Iceland.

This week I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Firstly i printed off, albeit  smaller, a journal page about the Iceland Sagas that I made ages ago, last year some time.

HERE IS  the blog post where I showed how I made the journal page. Since then I have gessoed over the left page as I didn't like it, I still need to rework it.  But I did love the tree side, so I scanned and printed that as my page for this week.

So next I did my card. I wanted to do a music based card. There is a group from Iceland called Sigur Ros. I adore their music, I often listen to it as I am falling asleep.

This is part 1 of a documentary about them and their beautiful music..

part two

part three

So I looked at one of their album covers..

THIS IS  their album cover...

and this is my version..

and the back of the card. Charlie has the first number of the combination and is on the track of the second number.

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  1. Lovely work about the sagas. Iceland is a very fascinating land, I would love to go there myself, but don't think I will get the chance anymore - pity! Valerie

  2. I get the real sense that there's magic in Iceland. I think this may have been my favourite week as I pored over all the beautiful photos of Iceland in Pinterest looking for inspiration!

    I'm supposed to be working, so will have to come back and listen to Sigur Ros a bit later... To be honest, I much prefer your album cover!!

  3. Oh, I love your journal page! I so understand why you decided to use it as you page for your book now!!! ♥
    The music is lovely, I had never heard of this band before but might listen to them more often now! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Love the page and your postcard album cover is super.
    Jen x

  5. Great card Darcy. Thanks again for sharing the country early. A xx

  6. Wonderful artwork love that tree!! Thanks for another challenging country!

    Janet xx

  7. Great the tree, the card and...your story is heating up...good combo package this week!


  8. I really liked Iceland being announced early this week those couple extra days to think about the theme made a big difference. Maybe you would consider posting the future locations early?

  9. Wow it's great...the page ....the card will check out vid now <3

  10. Beautiful reproduction Darcy, and the story is flowing nicely. That tree page is gorgeous! :D XXX

  11. I love everything about your card and page this week, the colours are my favs, all those blues sigh... and of course the text, another hit with me.
    Off to listen to clip!


  12. I've also gone for an album cover although a different band! Lol!

    Love your page and the album cover is fab!

    C xxx

  13. I'm back having missed a few weeks (sorry!). I'm picking it up again where you've all got to, it was too daunting to try and catch up. Your tree is wonderful, what a beautiful page. And your album cover is so pretty. I love the simplicity of the colours and images. I haven't heard of the band so I'll go and listen to the clip now!

    Thank you, x

  14. Your page is lovely! I love trees and the writing with the tree is great. I also think you did an amazing job on your version of the album cover. I will have to go and check out the music next.

  15. I played catch-up this week posting this week and last. I'm sure you won't mind. Or if you do you won't reprimand me to harshly. ;-)

    Love your first photo...the tree background is gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful artwork Darcy especially the tree overlaid with words.

  17. I loved the video, thank you!!!
    Lovely postcard and even lovelier and interesting post!!!
    I think this one of my favorite countries!!!

  18. great postcard..a very interesting post. love the page for the postcard.xx

  19. I'm here, I'm here! :)) Man, this was last minute. :))

  20. I have some reading to catch up on and NatashaMay you are not the last. Cheers

  21. Ah, I made it. Been a really busy week. I LOVE your tree page! Just gorgeous. The album cover totally rocks. I'm checking this group out on Itunes. The video documentry got me hooked.

  22. I couldn't settle on anything for Iceland and then I see the creative things everyone else has done and kick myself I make everything so complicated!
    I love what you did for your card- nicely painted!
    I hope to rejoin in Bosnia.