Thursday, 28 June 2012

Life Book Tree page

Here is another Life Book page, the fabulous online course run by Tamara Laporte

This time we created a tree using a watercolour on coffee filters method. The page was then made into a pocket/envelope. As this was a page all about gratitude, we were to fill the envelope with thankyou notes.

So first the tree was painted, and then most of the paint taken back off just leaving some behind.

Next the leaves were cut from coffee filters and painted with watercolours.

when dry the leaves are removed and you are left with the impression of the leaves left behind. 

Next just the top half of the tree is made again this forms the flap of the envelope. A button is also added so that the whole thing closes.

I backed mine with this K&Co paper, making a concertina fold at the sides.

On the inside I used a circle punch to make a finger hole, just makes life easier getting stuff in and out of the envelope.

Finally I doodled around the leaves to give them definition.

Some of the lesson are really not 'my thing' but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.


  1. This is a gorgeous page you glue it into a book or keep it as a separate item? :D XXX

    1. At the end of the year we bind all the pages together at the sides so they form a book.

  2. this is beautiful! i can think of all kinds of ideas for this technique and for a big envelope like this.

  3. <3 so you get the shadow effect of sorts from the coffee filter leaves & you can Still use them on another project. Sweet :-D