Sunday 10 June 2018

Hello from some new characters!

Hello everyone, gosh it has been so long since I have been in here. I feel that I need to dust off some cobwebs. I hope I am forgiven but life it just crazy busy, whoever said being a student is easy? The hours are long and the workload is heavy. I am happy to have finish for this year and i now just await my scores, then just 1 more year left to do. 

In between assignments and research I have been drawing away, creating more little characters for you. they have such fun personalities, I hope you will fall in love with them. 

if you pop on over to the PaperArtsy blog you will see a few samples that I have put together. There are 2 stamp plates and 2 stencils, and there area  gazillion words! 

Yes words! lots and lots for you to play with an create greetings, phrases, poems, stories, whatever you like. these characters feel like they have sprung up out of storybooks so I would love to read what fun stories you can create to go with them. 

First up we have Cedric an Lola, I just love how she scoots along with her tiny wings, and not forgetting Cat in his snazzy waistcoat. 

There are 2 small phrases in there amongst the single words, that you might fin useful to keep as phrases.. the 'for you' and 'just be' were designed to stay together, but they don't have to you can cut them up. there is an extra 'for' so you can leave the 'for you' together. 

Top tip. Before you cut all the words apart and make them fiddly to handle, stamp them lots of times as a block onto card, then you will have lots of words ready and can just snip them as you need them. 

(I also advise getting a small tin for the words stamps to keep them safe. Mine are in an old mints tin from M&S , all the words from both sets will fit into the tin)

There is also a little arrow frame for your words and a super bendy tree that you can position any which way that you want!

Next we have Chester and Poppie, ( I think they might have a crush on each other.. jus' sayin') Lots more words to play with and a huge mushroom tree. You can keep this as a tree or use it to make smaller mushrooms. 

One small sample to whet your appetite, now off you go to the PaperArtsy blog to see the full launch. 

Have fun with them, I really want to see what you make so tag me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. The best place to show off your work would be in the brand new PaperArtsy facebook group, it is full of inspiration, so do check it out. 

Bye for now, keep an eye on the PA blog as there are a lot of exciting new products coming!

Darcy xxx


  1. that's a great tip about stamping the words before you cut them up..Congratulations, i love these sets (and the stencils too)

  2. Been stamping words like crazy but I am going to need both sets - they are brilliant and worth all the work you put in! Well Done! Chrisx

  3. Too cute!!!
    Happy stamping,
    Connie :)

  4. SO glad to see you back on your blog. Great new stamps and each seems so useful, too.