Saturday, 28 July 2012

A little bit of knitting

So  we have had a dismal cold summer, (up until this last week or so which have been stoopidly warm lol)

When it's cold my thoughts turn to coziness and knitting, and my favourite things to knit are socks.used

So the first pair I made used The Jekyll and Hyde pattern. I have made these before with yarn that was mainly bamboo, they turned out so soft and lovely. This time I used some 100%  wool that I won on Ebay a couple years ago. It is royal blue and very rough to the touch. Anyway I knit it up and despite being quite stiff to work with the socks turned out great. I have made the mistake before of machine washing 100% wool socks, which are now too small I washed these ones by hand, hoping it would soften them up a didn't really, I think I may have to soak them in fabric conditioner.

It is a pain having to wash by hand, and it does put me off buying 100% wool, I usually go for yarn that has 25% man made fibre content as they tend to be machine washable.

So here they are..

If you check out the pattern I linked up there you will see that instead of a regular ribbed cuff I made a picot edge instead, just for a change.

 A year ago I was in London and popped into John Lewis, thats where I bought the bamboo yarn. It is called Wendy Happy and is 75% bamboo and 25% nylon.  I bought 2 colours, I used the first colour last year to make socks using the same pattern as above.

As you can see, though they are the same pattern, they look totally different.

So onto the 2nd pair I have made this year, I used the 2nd colour of the  Bamboo yarns. I used  the Dublin Bay sock pattern..

This is the patterned section that runs down each side of the leg section..

The pattern also use the eye of partridge stitch for the heel section..this makes for a softly padded heel.

The finished socks.. It is really lovely yearn, so incredibly soft, and of course machine washable...BUT.. because it is so soft it is very slippery to work with.


  1. I love the socks....especially the blue wool of my favorite colors.

  2. I love them Darcy. You have inspired me, although having knitted and designed jumpers for years I have never knitted socks yet. Shame on me.

  3. These all look so snuggly....will have to knit some myself. I usually buy fluffy boot sock, but the guys keep stealing them...and them they don't fit me anymore(I'm a six,,,they are 9+) :D XXX

  4. I knit lots of things, but socks? never. I have always been put off because I am told they are difficult to make. But yours look so lush.

    I am knitting two things at the moment one a jacket for my niece for Christmas and a yummy soft Jumper Love Dawn xx

    1. They are absolutely not difficult to make. Getting used to 5 needles is fiddly, nothing more. But if you don't fancy that just used a circular needle. Working the heel bit looks scary, but it really isnt at all, it is basically 4 section. A plain knitted bit, a few rows of decreasing, picking up stitches and then more rows of decreasing, and thats it heel done.