Friday 27 July 2012

postcard challenge

week 30 India..

The closest I have come to anything Indian is the food, and to be fair from what I have read Indian food served in the UK is nothing like Indian food served in India lol

Just so you know, my fave Indian dishes are

Lamb Saag Gosht
Mushroom Pilau
Peshawari Naan

and this is our local Indian restaurant, which is a really lovely place, with great staff.

click link

ok so enough of food...oh actually, there is another place to show you. There is a fabulous little shop in York that will make up bags of fresh spices for you so you can make your own curries.

another link

so onto my first thought, after food..was elephants. I adore elephants, and in this house they get called heffalumps..

Most people will say there are 2 types of elephants, Indian and African...incorrect.

The 2 types are Asian elephants and African elephants, of the Asian elephants there are 3 subcategories; those are from Sri lanka,  from Sumatra and  from India.

Asian elephants are smaller than African ones, with smaller ears, they can live up to 86 years.

Elephants are also used widely in Feng Shui, did you know that if you have elephant pictures or ornaments they should always face the doorway. They should never have their backs facing the door, as an elephant with its back to the door is like turning your back on opportunity.

Many years ago I made this cross stitch, I used to have it facing the door at the back of the house. ( By facing the door, I mean the trunk/head of the elephant is to be facing the doorway)

So I made a little elephant for my card..

and for the page, I used orange as the background which is on the flag, and the Ohm symbol printed out onto glossy photo paper, cut out and glued in.. I then distressed the edges a little and added stickles to echo the stickled jewels on the elephant.

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  1. Colorful and beautifully done, Darcy. Thanks for the challenge and thanks for sharing...

  2. Lovely card Darcy. My friend is married to an Indian, and has many beautiful elephant ornaments at her home, which I love looking at when I visit! Valerie

  3. mmmmmmm....I,m a Lamb Rogan josh or Chicken Passanda girl myself :D. Beautiful Heffelumps Darcy :D XXX

  4. What an adorable elephant - love all the details.

  5. Beautiful elephants! Love all the colours this week - so uplifting.

    Janet xx

  6. Love your elephant, I think they are fascinating animals.
    Jen x

  7. I love elephants - wish I had thought of that.

    Ohm Ohmmmmmmm


  8. lovely card. great colours

  9. Darcy I love you cute elephant - Hope all is well in the UK- been watching for you on the tube ; but you must not be attending the Party there...LOL
    Take care!

  10. You have been busy love all your work. Cheers