Wednesday 4 July 2012


here is another Life Book page, this time we had to create a calendar.

 I started by creating sections all over my page, one for each day. I then used Aquamarkers to add a bit of subtle colour between the shapes.

I kept my calendar during May, here is is part way through the month. In each section/day I drew a tiny image that represented something that had happened that day. I coloured the images and the backgrounds of the shapes with watercolour pencils..

Here is the finished calendar, I love it now that it is done, but found it really demanding to fill in each day. It certainly showed me that my life is pretty boring hahaha and I dont do anything exciting.

I am still crazily behind like 18 pages behind hahaha but I will get there eventually.


  1. Fantastic, whimsical, unique calendar....
    Very creative! Love it

  2. Now this is getting freaky...not your page, that is gorgeous. But lately I seem to be "tuning in" to what my online friends are focusing on. Am going to post to FB the piece I am working on for next weeks Tarot theme at TBE. See if it freaks you too :D XXX

  3. Just wonderful. Magnificent

  4. This looks really beautiful empty as well as full. I know what you mean about filling it in each day I to have a very boring repetitious life ha ha ;0)

  5. Wow! That is amzing! So beautiful and detailed. You are really talented. jenx