Thursday, 5 July 2012

Paper Bowl

A couple of years ago I made myself a bowl from pages torn from National Geographic son decided he wanted one for his flat.

So here is how I made one for him.

Start by pulling out the pages, and fold in half.. then in half again.

You will need a lot, approx 600 pages, which is around 8-9 magazines. Look for them in charity shops where they are really cheap.

Start taping them end to end..

Once you have a few long strips you can start winding them. Curl the end of the first one and glue in place, then keep coiling the strip around, gluing as you go.

Keep coiling and gluing..

and more coiling and gluing till the base is the size you want..

Once you reach this size you keep coiling and gluing, but bring the sides up very gradually...till you have the height that you want.

Now you need to paint the whole thing with watered down white glue..PVA or matte medium. Brush it on and squish the glue down between the layers. Once dry turn the bowl over and paint glue on the underside too. Repeat this till they have a good 3 coats on each side.

Display on a coffee table and fill with whatever you want, though I wouldn't use it as a fruit bowl or to hold any food.


  1. I think we made those at camp one year but out Readers Digest :0)

  2. Very inventive! I am looking for a project to make with the children at school. That would work perfectly! THanks for sharing. jenx

  3. Fabulous work Darcy :D XXX