Friday, 6 July 2012

postcard challenge

week 27 Isle of Man..

So how did you get on this week?

I have been crazy,crazy busy getting ready for a weekend away with the girls from my circle journal group. We have come to the end now, 10 months of swapping books and creating wonderful pages for each other. So we are meeting up to hand over the books back to their owners. We are also doing a workshop together for the day and we will be eating lots of cake and drinking lots of wine.

I have one final journal page to show you, but can't till the owner has seen it, and when I get back I shall show you the gifts I made.

So a busy couple of weeks making gifts for people, and then this week getting everything finished and wrapped up and trying to fit in the gym and dyeing my hair....ohhhh the list was sooo long lol

Anyway, I found an hour to do my page and card. When I get back I must sit down and catch up on all the backs that I have missed out.

I went to the Isle of Man, years and years ago and was fascinated by the symbol of 3 legs, it could be seen everywhere. So I did that for my page.

and I just love that they have a cat with no tail, called a Manx cat. I had never actually seen one till my friend got one a couple of years ago. So on my card I did  a blueprint of a Manx cat.

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  1. Love your Manx cat. It really is a fascinating island, I went there years ago when I was living in Liverpool.

  2. Have a fab time away!! Lobe both your page and card. Had to explain to DS2 what a Manx cat was !!LOL A xx

  3. Brilliant cat sketch - love the blue print! IoM certainly looks an interesting place to visit - especially the TT.

    Janet xx

  4. Lovely work. Have a fab time meeting up with your journal buddies - sounds like my kind of day out!!

  5. a nice card, a cute cat !

  6. Love the blue print of the Manx cat. Have a lovely time with your journal buddies. Hope to get round everyone this week but am away on holiday. May be late with the next postcard too but will catch up with everyone when I get back if I can not do so while I am away.
    Jen x

  7. Back Home after being MIA but I posted my last 2 postcards- Book pages to follow--Will see anyone's cards tomorrow!

  8. Darcy Love your Cat image - Great idea to do it as a blueprint!

  9. Love the national symbol of the legs. Great card.

  10. I too was intrigued by the three legged symbol. Great idea to do the blue print of the cat. My landscape postcard inspired by the Island is finally done. Was away for the weekend so posted late.

  11. Cool card Darcy...and I love your pictures too. Your hair is fantastic!