Sunday 14 October 2012

Letraset Metallics

You may have recently seen the metallic markers range by Letraset..if not let me tell you a little about them.

They are twin -tipped like all the other markers, and available in 11 colours. There are 2 sets of 6, making 12 in total, but you do get a silver marker in each set.

Like the neon markers they are water based, and so can be blended. you can do this direct on the paper or scribbble onto a non-porous surface and blend on there.

Once dry the pigment based ink is acid free and lightfast. This means they are ideal to use on rubber stamps as the residue will just rinse off and not harm your stamps.

They are great for creating shimmery background that you can layers behind images or use them for accents and edgings where you just want to add a little something extra. 

You would be forgiven for thinking these are just special occasion pens, or indeed only Christmas pens....personally I think it's nice to have a little shimmer all year around. 

So this is what I made...

I was thinking how could I use these pens on an entire project, and not just as a highlight...what could I make that was all metallic???

I got to thinking about 'bio-mech' this is a style of art made famous by Giger and his Alien creatures. Images are part biological.. IE: human or animal..and part mechanical..

So this is my take on that style, though she is more whimsy than human...

Firstly I drew out my image.

Then I started to colour..

Working one area at a time, and blending with a little water in a water-brush...

Building layers to create the shadows..

I gave her the title 'Cutting the ties that bind'

I thoroughly enjoyed making this project, the metallics are lovely to work with..

A couple more close ups..

I was tempted to add an outline to everything using a fine liner, but I really wanted to just use the metallic markers alone..

I hope you will give the metallic markers a try out, and not just on your Christmas cards. 


  1. Looks great! It was a great idea.

  2. Thanks for this review ...very interesting and useful. Your art work is amazing seeing the closeups ....great title.

  3. Amazing! It's so hard to take pics of metallic stuff cause the light bounces all over the place. I love love love it!

  4. Giger and there's pretty crazy idea. V. dark and creepy. LOL! I like it. I was only introduced to Giger recently when a fellow student said one of my drawings looked like Giger. Really intensely bizarre he is. Your spin on his work mixed with the color is actually pretty 'cute'. Nice work Darcy!