Friday, 19 October 2012

postcard challenge

wk 42 Russia..

Another hard one, not because I couldn't think of things, but because those things were hard to draw hahaha

Rasputin..oh how I love that Boney M song, I have been playing it all week in honour of our virtual trip..

The Romanov family, who all died so tragically...or did they? There has always been a question mark over whether Anastasia escaped..

Fabergé eggs, so very beautiful and bejewelled. of the 50 Imperial eggs made 42 still survive.

Russian nesting dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls, are wooden dolls of various sizes. Each wooden doll open to reveal another doll inside, and they are often painted very elaborately....this reminds me I have a set of unpainted dolls in a drawer, I should get them out and paint them.

The Bolshoi Ballet company, known the world over and based  at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow.

KGB...ahem, the less said about them the better huh?

The architecture..this is seriously stunning, best showcased in the churches and cathedrals, some dating back to the Medieval period.

I went with a collage of several things for my page..

For my card I went with the character of Baba Yaga, the witch like creature from Slavic folklore. She is said to fly around inside a giant mortar, with pestle in her hand. She captures and eats children. Her house is a hut that stands on chickens legs..

THIS IS WHERE YOU LINK UP..add your name and blog link if you are playing along with the postcard challenge..


  1. Hey Darcy,

    I especially loved Baba those traditional tales. Also checked out your photography blog and loved it. Your compositions were beautiful!! Photography is one of my favorite things to do as well!!
    Enjoy your week... sending hugs...

  2. Love both your page and card. I especially love the background for your card, makes me think of the spells she is casting. A xx

  3. Love your page, ballet is one of my favourite things. Baba Yaga sounds like a scary person for youngsters, you would not want to get on her wrong side.
    Jen x

  4. Scary Baba Yaga, I would never have slept if I had heard tales like that when I was little! Fabulous drawing - give me ballet anytime!

    Janet xx

  5. Lovely combination of images on your page, fascinating about Baba Yaga, Hansel and Gretel pale in comparison! Mx

  6. very cool page ^5

    very scary witch with that baseball bat


  7. a great travel page. scary witch, not too friendly looking lol.xx

  8. Wow! I actually finished on Friday! However, my writer who is working with me only posted today :( Oh well, that's why this is a 'challenge' right?

  9. Love your take on Russia, cheers

  10. I don't want to be rude, but I get comments from "Anonymous" and I do not know if this is a genuine comment, could you identify yourself. Cheers

    1. I have tried three times to leave a comment on your blog, but nothing happens, maybe its me.. mags.21.

  11. I love all the postcards you've been doing. I'm sorry I dropped out of the challenge. I just can't seem to get inspired.