Friday 5 October 2012

Postcard challenge

week 40 Portugal..

I started by googling..of course, and nothing inspired me to start with. As I was searching my son rang me, and I was telling him how I needed to find something on Portugal. He said the only thing he knew about Portugal was that the university there had a really well known and huge identified skeletal collection...uhmm random!

Well ok, not so random, he is an archaeologist, and so obviously knows these things...but to me it seemed so random I had to refer to it with my card.

That left me with needing an image for my page.

 I decided to stick with the 'old' and searched for architecture. I found the Belem Tower. Also know as the tower of St. Vincent.

I have to say this is something I would love to go and see in person...and after reading about the Mediterranean and spicy type food that is served in Portugal I think I definately have to go visit.

This was commissioned by King John II and was built in the 16thC, at that time it was part of a line of defense. Isolated, and built on a small outcropping of rocks it is  made of limestone and the tower is 100ft high. The photos I have seen of the interior are impressive too, showing vaulted ceilings and arches. 

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I will post the end of the month competition finalists this weekend sometime.


  1. Didn't know that... these are such fun, learning new things about each country... the more obscure, the more interesting (I think!!) Great card, Darcy!

  2. Great that your son is involved, mine just ask which country it is every week, never give ideas !! A xx

  3. Interesting facts this week, Darcy! Love the postcard - quite Halloween-ish.

    Janet xx

  4. Yay Me!!! made it on time this last :D I too struggled this week t find something "extraordinary"...your skeleton looks amazing...well done "son" :D XXX

  5. Brilliant idea, the skeleton postcard is fab. I echo everyone have learned so much on this journey.
    Jen x

  6. very cool, bones...mine went walking this week.

  7. I had no idea Portugal had so many castles!

  8. interesting postcard and good info. always learning on this challenge, great stuff....

  9. Love Portugal, your choice of image and history much appreciated. Cheers