Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sea Turtle Mandala

There is something so relaxing and peaceful about mandalas, though the initial drawing can be terribly frustrating. I think the problem arises when people see that you need a compass and set square and they are transported back to nightmares times in Maths class at school.

Drawing a Mandala is not difficult, really it is. yes it takes a little patience when you do your first ones, but soon you get the hang of it and can work up a basic one really quickly.

I have mentioned before my dear friend Guada she is undoubtedly the queen of Mandalas. This lovely lady runs a NING SITE which you can join freely, and there you will find classes, some paid and some free.

Guada has also teamed up with the very talented Jay the Master Viking to create some stunning monthly templates. These templates are FREE

Go and sign up to the ning site and join the Totem Animal Mandala group, each month you can download a mandala template with an animal in the centre. This takes all the stress away that you might have from drawing and lets you just concentrate on the colouring in.

Join up and print out and colour in, let's see what you can do.

Here is my January template all coloured in. I mostly used Flexmarkers. To add a little depth I introduced a little shading with prisma pencils over the top.

Click on this image to check them out, go on do it, they are 50% off throughout January

Here is my mandala all finished. 


  1. The colouring on your sea-turtle is just amazing...and the vibrant colours make me want to go swimming in that warm clear ocean :D XXX