Tuesday, 4 June 2013

ICAD Day 4

ooo Day 4, I am on a roll. Though to be honest I struggled with this one.

Yesterday i went out for afternoon tea and cakes with a friend, we sat in a cafe by the river and watched the swans going by.


Stamping -Fiskars rolling stamp

I  then added GRUNGE PASTE

I allowed it to dry a little then I stamped into it. Once the stamped impressions were dry I added more paint and TREASURE GOLD. finally I took a damp baby wipe and wiped back to reveal some of the white paste. 

Swans A Swimming. 


  1. You put SO much into your ICADs. I love the swans. Not sure how or why you struggled, but the end result is perfection!

  2. brilliant, and a great depiction of the pic of the river we saw on twitter!

  3. Oh this is just stunning. I have ordered a pack of index cards and am waiting with twitchy fingers for them to arrive so that I can join in

  4. I was the opposite - I struggled with day 1, actually starting and now am on a roll :) I love your swans.