Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fluttering with leftovers..

Don't neglect your leftovers! It is all very well having a bit box, I have *ahem* several... but if you never use the bits in them then what is the point? I wanted to make something quick, so I turned to my bit box.

I pulled out these 2 pieces that were leftover from this post.. I cut 2 small tags, one slightly larger than the other. 

I pulled out some more leftovers.. the flowers are from HP1204

I then took a PaperArtsy tag.. I first painted Beach Hut around the edges.. 

then I added crackle glaze and a layer of Nougat..

I added the turquoise stamped flower. 

I glued the lace scrap to black card..

i layered up the small tags, painted the button with Beach hut, and inspired by Lynn I decided to emboss my butterfly from EDY02... I stamped and embossed onto metal card..

I laid the butterfly and button onto the main tag, and poked holes through all layers. 

I then used Bakers Twine.. wrapped around the tag and brought up through the butterfly and button. 

I shaped the wings and glued the butterfly in place. 

Finally I tied on the small tags..

It needed something more.. I took a left over of metal card, sanded it to take off the glare and stamped the small bubble heart from EDY01

Cut it out and add to the lace.. 

All done..

Darcy xxx

PS I have not used my embossing powders in forever, have you? lol go on, dig them out and use them. They will look great on my stamps that have steampunk elements. 


  1. Lovely tag! Very inventive!I love the embossing on the butterfly. I must go to my leftovers and DO SOMETHING with them! Julie Ann x

  2. What a great tag - your bits box(es) are obviously more use than mine, which is in need of a cull again!

  3. Fabulous tag Darcy! I too have what you might call 'alot' of leftovers! Sue C x

  4. Very pretty! I have way to many leftovers too.

  5. Wow, gorgeous tag.

  6. Just donated all my bit pieces to the local hospital but won't take long to get some more. Brill idea and looks fab:-)

  7. Love the tag...I need to do some embossing (one of my favourite techniques)..I also need to sort out my bits box..
    Hugs xx

  8. where did I leave my embossing powders????

  9. Gorgeous use of the leftovers. Wish I could make my leftovers look that good. You did a fantastic job.