Wednesday 18 September 2013

Weekly Face on Weds #3

This week I went all blue...

I started with a sketch using the grid method, this is by far my favourite way of getting things in the right place.

I then blocked in with a limited number of blues.. in fact I only used 2 blues, 1 white,1 black  and 1 purple for the whole thing.

I used Daler Rowney Acrylics.

Starting to refine and shade..

I was quite startled at what I could achieve with such a small palette. 

Final piece..

I absolutely love this face, she is so serene, and radiating light. As always it was more luck than management, and I doubt I could recreate it. 

It is interesting to note that I found the areas of light and shade much easier to work out and blend using just blue instead of a whole range of skin tones. 

if you are joining on with weekly faces then please leave a link in the comments. 

Darcy x

P.S, here are some more free templates for you from JAY'S BLOG...


  1. She looks very peaceful! I love the shading, great job!

  2. Wow Darcy she is beautiful, lost in her own world of peace and tranquility :-)

  3. Gorgeous, I think my favourite so far..

  4. Darcy, that is beautiful.

  5. She's pretty. love the highlighting.