Monday, 21 October 2013

A Day at the Dome

Doncaster Dome that is...

So on Saturday I set off with enough baggage to last me a week....cos that's how I roll lol

I arrived in Doncaster at lunchtime , dropped my bags at the hotel and went in search of Gillibobs.. Mark and Leandra... I found them in the shopping outlet where Leandra was getting excited about duvet covers!

We ended up back in the pub for an early dinner, and a handover of the bag from my last blog post... there was also another gift which i might show you on weds..

Then it was off to the Dome to set up the show..

Girls in a white van..


busy people building stuff all around us..

stocking the shelves...

some of the new pretties..

look at these lovely wings..

so many fab  stencils..

3 hours later and all done for the night.. 

then it was back tot he pub for a drink and some cakey bakeyness..

Next morning, sunday, we filled up on yummy breakfasts and then it was off to the dome for the day.. 

last minute product info from Leandra, most of which I forgot lol

and then the doors opened and we started to demo.. this little girl in yellow came back several times, she was so sweet, and a budding clothes designer from what she was telling me. 

The only reason I was able to stand all day was because I was wearing these babies... 

At the end of the day Gillian took a turn at doing a demo, and she used my heart stamps and sprayed Frescos, isn't it fab...

I did a few tags through the day. I gave some away, so only have photos of these 2.. 

and finally here is a group shot of me, Gillian,and Leandra and most of the gorgeous twitter girlies that came to see us. 

It was an exhausting day, but actually really good. thankyou to everyone that came along and stopped by the stand for a chat. I hope you all had a great day and look forward to seeing what you make with your new stash. 

Darcy x


  1. Love this Blog post, so many smiles, great Tags & happy people! Thanks for sharing your Demo Day at Donny Dome.

    Keeping my fingers crossed you will do some demos in the NW:-) x

  2. Wow... that is quite the set up! How fun...especially in those rockin shoes!

  3. Excellent blog post! Great to see the pics of everyone & your gorgeous tags.

  4. Lovely to see what you were demoing on Sunday, still sad I couldn't get there...

  5. You look totally in your element :D. Sorry I didn't get to join you. :D XXX