Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Weekly Face on Weds

I don't have a finished face from me this week, so I shall show you faces done by someone else..

Jay over at MOONLIGHT CREATIONS... offered to paint a very specific portrait for me.. it took a while to hunt down a reference photo, and then out of the blue one popped up on twitter...

Do you recognise them?

he started the sketch.. 

I was so excited to see it progress..

and then it was painted in oils...

each time he built up a layer he sent me a progress shot..

until it was finished..

I took it with me to Doncaster to give to Mark and Leandra.. 

Darcy x


  1. wow! what a fab portrait! I am sure they loved it.

  2. Brilliant - so many talented people

  3. Really really good. Well done for tackling the hands and doing them so well . Interesting to see the gradual build up.

  4. Wow what an awesome gift!!! :D XXX