Friday 18 October 2013

Journalling in Space...

Last week my lovely friend Dana made THIS VIDEO... ( GO WATCH IT) I was inspired to make a journal page after I saw her page. I have done similar things in the past, using more complicated shapes, but the use of simple circles appealed to me.

So here is my version.

I started with my background, stamping with random bits and pieces using opaque FRESCO PAINT..

I then added my first layer of circles, and painted around them using translucent paint. I also added some drips using acrylic ink. 

More circles and another layer of paint. 

and again more circles, and yet more paint, you can see each layer gets a little darker. 

I then added shading around the circles with charcoal..

and this is how I ended the session..I added small white dots around the planets.. You know me and my love of dots..

I knew I wanted to add something else, but I couldn't think what... so I left it for a week and then went back to it.. 

I sketched out a spaceman's helmet..

then I painted the helmet, adding a reflection of the planets into his visor.. 

close up..

I glued this into the book..

I then printed out a quote.. 

and the whole page is finished.. 

Thankyou Dana for the wonderful inspiration..  (Check out Dana's blog, she is going to be one of the Soul Food teachers...go find out about it HERE...

Darcy x


  1. Love the circles! They seem to be my go-to shape for journaling as well!

  2. B E A U T I F U L page, your spaceman is fab but love the use of circles on your page and the colours are superb:-)

  3. What a wonderful journal page Darcy! I love the colours you chose, the planets and the spaceman!

  4. Fabulous page Darcy, love the circles and your spaceman is a perfect addition! Great quote too...

  5. This is great Darcy! Thanks for showing how you built it all up and the spaceman's helmet is a fab finishing touch.

    Lesley Xx

  6. Wow Darcy this is fab I love the way you built your page layer by layer and your space helmet is really good you are very talented fantastic page
    Debs xx

  7. WONDERFUL page. I love the background & adding the spaceman was a genius idea.

  8. WOW this is fabulous.... you are amazing

  9. Wonderful technique for getting depth into your page, and the visor is a touch of genius :D XXX

  10. Beautiful. I love the softness of the finished planets using the charcoal and I love how the spaceman has a reflection in his visor instead of seeing his face.

    Emma x