Wednesday 16 October 2013

Weekly Face on Weds

This week I have another blue girl.. must be a phase I am going through lol.. She started out with a sketch that I was pretty happy with, then went downhill rapidly and had to be rescued... yes another one..

I had an idea to make her face look like cracked porcelain... 

I added crackle glaze.. and really didn't like it.. 

So I was about to bin it, but tried scraping the glaze off.. it left her with a pretty bad skin complaint..

But once smoothed out, I had a blank face on which to start again..

I carried on working with acrylics for a while..

Before finishing her in coloured pencils..

There is so much that could be done to her, she's not really finished, but that is as good as this one is going to get. These faces are never meant to be finished masterpieces, they are just in my practice sketchbook.

P. S I have exciting news!!!

I have new rubber stamps coming out in time for Christmas. 

All being well, and we all have EVERYTHING crossed, they will be available at the Doncaster show this weekend 20th Oct. But of course the best laid plans sometimes go awry, if they don't get made in time they will be on sale shortly after the weekend. 

If you are visiting the show, please  pop by the PaperArtsy stand and say 'hello'... myself, and Gillian and Leandra and Mark will be there. (please do introduce yourselves as I am all of the rubbish with names and faces)

Darcy x


  1. Your Blue lady is lovely - she reminds me a little of Amy Winehouse. Sorry I can't make it to Doncaster, but good luck with your demo-ing and I can't wait to see your new Christmas stamps!

  2. REALLY like your Blue Faced Lady, can see she looks like Amy Winehouse. A great observation from Lynn!

    Always look forward to your Wednesday Faces :-)

  3. Oh I'll definitely be one of the PA stalkers paying you a visit on Sunday ;-). Can't wait! I love your blue lady and I'm so glad you didn't discard her. The 'almost finished' face is great!

    Lesley Xx

  4. cool about the crack'age and super cool about your new stamps